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For Fly On Cruise Ship Contracts, Helena is able to offer various shows, which can be tailored to suit the desires of the specific client or the needs of the cruise ship.  Her shows run a length of 45 mins - 1 hour each, and consist of high energy solo electric violin which can either be to backing tracks, or to live musical arrangements with scores provided for the on board band to accompany her solo show. These shows can be set to backdrop of spectacular videos, each designed and specifically chosen to compliment the musical setting and create maximum atmosphere for the ultimate Violin Show Experience!


She has a stunning range of bespoke costumes and gowns cleverly adapted for quick costume changes mid show, and can use a selection of up to 4 different electric and acoustic violins including one LED light up violin, to dazzle the audience! All Helena’s costumes, equipment and instruments are state of the art, high quality pieces, which only reflect on the overall quality one can expect from her shows.


During her shows, Helena invites the audience on a journey of highly entertaining music spanning different eras and inspired by music from around the world, interjected with moments of audience engagement. Through a range of high impact virtuosic music - from famous well known classical crossover hits, famous film score medleys, Irish and American Country folk music, and from old time classics to current pop songs, whether it be something to get those feet stomping along or a lyrical melody that provides a moment of beautiful reflection, Helena definitely offers something for everyone! 


She is an incredibly dynamic performer with a career that has seen her perform all over the world, on national and international television, and on London’s West End stage. With a background in Theatre, Helena has developed an incredibly strong skill to be dynamic and physical whilst playing the violin - whether it be dancing to choreographed routines whilst playing, or running through the auditorium mid song to make sure that nobody sat further back misses out on a close up on the action! 




Depending on the performance space, Helena is also able to offer some incredibly unique elements to her solo shows:



Helena loves keeping it dramatic by combining her violin skills with a Cirque twist! Where possible, within her shows Helena includes Aerial Violin in the form of Aerial Harness and Aerial Hoop, to wow crowds from above! Let audiences be amazed as she flies and somersaults above them, or elegantly charms them from her Lyra hoop! 



Helena is one of the world’s few Stilt Walking Violinists, and is a member of the world’s only Stilt Walking String trio. Let the performance reach new heights by including stilt walking violin to her show! 



Where there are Figure Skating shows on board a ship, Helena can provide music in the form of her Ice Violin act! See her glide across the ice, skating and playing violin at the same time, whilst she accompanies beautiful choreography from the figure skaters. All on her her see-through icicle like electric violin for an additional touch of magic! 

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